Reasons To Buy

Holistic Herb is a U.K. premium CBD brand with a difference, offering unique technology that raises the bar for CBD products. Holistic Herb is the frontrunner when it comes to the safety and efficacy of CBD products, available through this our e-commerce website and in over 700 Holland & Barrett high street retail outlets. Our mission is to offer the most effective, bio-available plant derived compound products in the market.

Total Bioavailability™

Holistic Herb’s uniquely micro-emulsified Premium CBD has vastly superior Total Bioavailability™, which means it is more efficient, entering the bloodstream faster and remaining there in higher quantities for longer after application.

Regular CBD products are not as efficiently absorbed and are not protected, and as a result they can lose as much as 95% of the active CBD through destruction by the digestive system on their way to the bloodstream. As a result, only a small fraction of active CBD from regular products makes it to the bloodstream.

With over 98% of the active CBD in the Holistic Herb product being fully absorbed into the bloodstream, you can be confident that our Total Bioavailability™ is helping to bring you a more efficient product and value for money.