Exploring the Myth Behind CBD and Belly Buttons

As the use of CBD continues to grow in popularity, a larger number of people are taking it on an occasional and regular basis. The industry is relatively new, which means that there are plenty of users choosing to share their experiences with others. However, while some of these may be completely true, there are also false claims that can circulate, causing a high level of confusion among individuals that are new to CBD.  Here at Holistic Herb, we believe that it’s important for us to take a further look... Read More


Can Muslims Take CBD Oil?

According to Islamic law, there are a number of strict rules that have been practised as part of the Islamic culture for many centuries, which all Muslims must follow. The word ‘haram’ is used to describe anything that is forbidden in Islamic culture, whereas the word ‘halal’ means that it is permitted. These two words are widely used by the community to categorise food and drink consumption, clothing and cosmetics, along with many other elements of life. As Muslims are only allowed to use products that are halal, there can... Read More


Cannabinoids: What they are and what their role is

As a trusted provider of high-quality CBD oil here at Holistic Herb, we’re constantly exploring new and existing research that looks into the different effects that the substance may provide and its origin. We do this so that we can continue to provide our customers with the most accurate and up to date knowledge in order for them to make informed decisions when choosing to purchase CBD products for personal use. We cannot make any direct claims regarding any potential medical or health benefits that it could provide to individuals... Read More


Cannabinoids ‘A Dawn of Discovery’

Part I in the series Introduction Hemp which is the same species of plant as cannabis still remains one of the most versatile crops available to us with over 50,000 know uses including food, medicines, biofuels, paper, biodegradable plastics and textiles to the Cannabidiol (CBD) Oils and medicines we see today. Hemp is easy to grow, grows fast, requires no pesticides, enriches the soil it is grown on, is adaptable to soil and climatic conditions, provides a good break crop for the farmer, giving the land a rest from other... Read More