CBD oil


Can CBD help with stress?

Health and wellbeing are increasingly important in today’s society. We’re constantly seeking out more natural ways of achieving optimum levels of physical and mental health.  While it has reportedly been used to aid therapeutic purposes over centuries, the use of CBD oil in boosting general health and wellbeing has become much more widespread in recent years. As it has yet to be classified as a food, supplement or cosmetic product, distributors such as ourselves cannot make any direct statement about the impact of CBD. For this reason, it’s important for... Read More


Could CBD increase your appetite?

Our relationship with food throughout our lives is affected by so many different elements. Genetics play a huge role in how much we eat, as well as an array of environmental factors which also have the power to change our eating habits over periods of time. Of course, a healthy appetite is a fundamental part of our overall physical health, wellbeing and happiness, but could CBD oil help with this? How our appetite works Before we get into exploring the idea of whether CBD could have an effect on our... Read More


Body Pain: Could CBD oil help?

Body pain is an issue that is likely to be experienced by so many of us throughout our lifetime. Whether the pain is caused by injury, illness or a chronic condition, it’s a feeling that we would prefer to avoid or reduce the effects of where we can.  There are many medications and treatments available on the market that claim to help eradicate or manage body pain; however, the number of natural remedies that allow for safer long-term treatment is extremely limited. CBD oil is a natural substance that has... Read More


What is bioavailability and why is it important in CBD?

For any substance to have its desired effect once it has been absorbed by the body, it needs to reach systemic circulation in order for it to migrate to different areas to provide them with its benefits. Systemic circulation is what provides the functional blood supply to all body tissue, and bioavailability is extremely important in determining how much of a substance reaches this. This applies to products such as CBD oil too. Bioavailability meaning At a scientific level, bioavailability is essentially a sub-category of absorption. It refers to the... Read More