How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

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Finding the best CBD oil, tinctures and other CBD products for your needs can be a challenge. But understanding how long it takes for CBD to work can help you make an informed choice about which products are right.

While the exact time it takes for CBD to take effect can vary depending on the individual, knowing the best way to use CBD is key to unlocking its maximum potential. In this article, we’ll explore the factors that influence the time it takes CBD to take effect.

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CBD: How Long Does It Take to Work?

The amount of time it takes for CBD’s effects to occur varies depending on various factors, such as a person’s general health, dosage size and the form of CBD used (such as oil or capsule). In general, most people feel the effects of CBD within 30 minutes to an hour after taking it.

What Are the Factors That Affect CBD Absorption?

The time it takes CBD to work depends on a variety of factors. Here are some major factors that can affect how quickly CBD works.

The way you take CBD

Depending on your method of consumption, CBD can take a long time to take effect. Bioavailability is a term used to describe how the body absorbs CBD.


Taking CBD orally can be divided into two categories: slow-release and fast-release. The former includes capsules, edibles, teas and tablets. Meanwhile, fast-release forms include mouth sprays and tinctures.

A fast-release form is applied directly to the mouth. You will swallow some of the liquid, but most of the CBD will be absorbed by your tongue, gums and mouth lining. When CBD oil drops are ingested sublingually, CBD enters the bloodstream directly, allowing it to start working immediately. Consequently, the effects will kick in within 15-30 minutes.

The absorption of liquids and CBD edibles, such as CBD capsules and gummies, is slower as they have to travel through the digestive system, making the effects take longer to kick in. However, the advantage of slow-release forms is that their effects last longer.


Inhalation is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your system, such as through CBD vape, which is absorbed into your system by the lungs. Within 5-15 minutes, you may notice the effects.


Topical CBD is also available, such as CBD cosmetics and creams. How long it takes for topical CBD to work varies with the ingredients that affect its penetration into the skin.

CBD quality

As many CBD oil products are available, choosing a high-quality oil is essential. Find a seller who uses high-quality ingredients to achieve the best results.

CBD content may be lower than advertised in low-quality products, so they may take longer to work. Additionally, check the expiration date and store the packaging away from direct sunlight to keep the active ingredients from degrading.

How much you take

A CBD’s potency and dosage will also influence the amount of time it takes to feel its effects. For instance, if someone takes CBD three times a day, they will likely feel its effects more than if they take it once a day. Additionally, people who use CBD oil regularly will likely see better results than those who use it only occasionally.

Physiology and metabolism

CBD’s efficacy depends heavily on your unique physiological makeup and how quickly your body can metabolise it. Factors like age, weight, diet habits (including whether you’ve eaten recently or not), activity level (exercise or otherwise) and genetics all play a role in how long it takes CBD to take effect. Everyone’s body works differently, so CBD’s effects and the time it takes to work may differ widely.

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