Does CBD Oil Really Expire? Here’s All You Need to Know

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A product’s expiration date is always important, and the same goes for CBD oil. In this article, we’ll discuss if CBD oil expires, what factors affect its shelf life and how to tell if CBD is passed. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Like most natural products, CBD oil degrades and expires. When CBD oils are stored poorly or have outlived their prime, their potency degrades.
  • CBD oil’s shelf life depends on several factors, including the manufacturer, ingredients, packaging and storage.
  • To tell if your CBD oil is expired, check if it has a funky or unpleasant smell and taste, dark brown hue, thick texture and foggy coating.

Does CBD Oil Really Expire? 

CBD oil will degrade and expire eventually, just as most natural products do.

The shelf life of CBD oil typically ranges between one and two years, although many factors can influence its lifespan. These include its type, components, quality and storage method.

The potency of CBD oils degrades over time, primarily because of poor storage conditions or beyond their prime lifespan.

Although CBD oil expires, you can still control how long it lasts. CBD oil can have a longer shelf life when you keep it in good condition and buy premium CBD oil from reputable brands.

Factors That Affect CBD Shelf Life

The shelf life of CBD oil depends on a variety of factors. Keeping these factors in mind can enable you to choose products that last a long time. Furthermore, it can help you prolong the shelf life, allowing you to make the most of your investment.


Ingredients heavily influence shelf life. A lack of testing of components could, for instance, lead to mould, heavy metal or microbe infestations. Oil can be damaged or degraded by these contaminants.


Buying from a trustworthy brand is advisable if you want a reliable product. Most reliable vendors will test their goods more rigorously before releasing them to maximise their shelf life. Vendors use different processes to produce CBD oil, resulting in different quality levels.


CBD oil should be packaged correctly to prevent air and sunlight exposure. Containers that are dark, opaque, and airtight Containers are the best for CBD oil storage. These reduce the harmful effects of light, heat and oxygen on the product.


CBD oil can stay potent and fresh for longer when kept in ideal conditions. Extreme temperatures and light exposure can affect it, so keeping your products in the dark spot and at room temperature is advisable. Poor storage accelerates decay, reducing CBD oil’s effectiveness.

Expired CBD Oil: How to Tell the Signs

CBD expires after about two years, so that you may encounter expired CBD at some point. Expiration dates should always be listed on products. However, improper storage can speed up the expiration date, and you may need to use your senses to detect if it’s gone wrong. You can check for these signs to determine whether your CBD product is expired:


There is a funky smell to it. CBD oil should have an earthy smell without being unpleasant.


CBD that has expired turns dark brown instead of clear.


One sign that your product has expired is a change in texture. Your oil may have expired if the consistency has thickened or the bottle appears to be separating. CBD oil may become thick if it has been refrigerated for some time, but fluidity should return once removed from the refrigerator. However, if it does not, then it may be expired.


The inside of the bottle has a foggy coating.


If your oil tastes terrible, it may be time for a replacement. CBD without flavour has a mild, earthy taste, so if it tastes bitter, it might be expired.If you’d like to replace expired CBD oil or replenish your current stock, you can browse premium CBD oil now at Holistic Herb’s CBD shop.