Does CBD Help with Anxiety?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that has been shown to have many benefits. It’s suggested to be helpful in easing the symptoms of a number of health conditions, including insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety.

This article will go over how CBD helps with anxiety, some research studies about it and how to take

CBD for anxiety.

Can CBD Help with Anxiety?

CBD has gained considerable attention over the past few years due to its potential use as a treatment for easing symptoms of various medical conditions. These include Parkinson’s disease, cancer, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.

In the UK, a study found that the rate of anxiety among young people has been on the rise for around two decades. As of 2008, there were 8.42% of women ages 18-24 who were suffering from anxiety symptoms. By 2018, this figure increased to 30.33%.

A chemical in the body called serotonin plays a significant role in anxiety. Sleep, digestion, mood and behaviour are said to be influenced by it.

According to research, increasing serotonin levels in the body may help treat anxiety. Interestingly, it’s been suggested that CBD may work in a similar manner to anti-anxiety medications in reducing anxiety levels. Some of the anxiety disorders that CBD may help treat include generalised anxiety, social anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder and PTSD.

What Do the Studies Say?

A 2015 study found that there’s evidence supporting CBD as a treatment for generalised anxiety, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It also found evidence supporting CBD’s role in

providing anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety, effects. It was concluded that, overall, CBD has considerable value as a treatment of various anxiety disorders.

From a 2019 study with 11 patients, 91% of the patients showed a decrease in the severity of their PTSD symptoms due to taking CBD.

Another 2019 study investigated whether CBD helps improve anxiety. The study found that anxiety levels decreased for 79.2% of the patients within their first month of taking CBD.

CBD is widely regarded as a safe, well-tolerated and relatively harmless substance. Very few people report experiencing any adverse effects from CBD. However, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional first if you plan on taking CBD for anxiety.

It is important to note that using CBD in combination with other medications may present a risk. The substances contained in these medications may interact with CBD and cause unpleasant side effects. A few examples of these side effects include drowsiness, upset stomach, fatigue and the tendency to gain weight.

How Do You Take CBD for Anxiety?

CBD is available in different forms and products. You can take it in the form of CBD oils, which come in bottles and can be taken orally. You can also purchase it as candies or gummies, which can be chewable, sweet and taste like fruit. CBD creams and gels are used topically. It’s also available as sprays, vapes, capsules and teas.

In order to find the most effective form of treatment for your anxiety, you may need to try several different options.

CBD Dosage

Because a standardised CBD dosage for anxiety has not been established yet, the amount of CBD that is most effective for each individual will differ. Starting small is ideal, and depending on how your body reacts, you may progress from there. Additionally, we recommend that you consult with your doctor to determine the ideal starting dose that is appropriate for you.

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