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Our relationship with food throughout our lives is affected by so many different elements. Genetics play a huge role in how much we eat, as well as an array of environmental factors which also have the power to change our eating habits over periods of time. Of course, a healthy appetite is a fundamental part of our overall physical health, wellbeing and happiness, but could CBD oil help with this?

How our appetite works

Before we get into exploring the idea of whether CBD could have an effect on our appetite, it is important for us to understand the difference between the concepts of appetite and hunger. While the two are similar, there are also many clear differences to take note of. ‘Hunger’ refers to our physiological need to eat, which is one of our main survival instincts as humans. It allows us to keep our bodies in optimum condition and ensures that we have the energy that we need to function in our daily lives. Without food, we wouldn’t last very long!

‘Appetite’ refers to our psychological desire to eat. While we need to eat food in order to live, it’s our appetite that determines what we eat – which foods we find most appealing, along with many of our other eating habits. It’s the reason why we love our favourite meal so much or why we can’t get enough of certain snack foods, and there are many different types of environmental factors that decide exactly what and when we eat.

Let’s consider an example; if you are at a special event such as a wedding or a dinner party, it’s likely that you’ll pick up and indulge in the different snacks being passed around, even if you’ve already eaten before your arrival. Why? Because eating the food satisfies you psychologically, and you also relate this to the enjoyment of the social aspect of the occasion. 

Does CBD make you hungry?

CBD products do not contain any of the THC that is found in the cannabis plant, as it is derived from hemp which is a selectively bred variant that is completely devoid of any psychotropic side effects, meaning that when it is taken, the user doesn’t experience a ‘high’. 

The THC that is present in the cannabis plant has been known to produce the feeling of an increased appetite among many people, however, it is unclear whether or not this could be the case for products such as CBD oil, which contains no THC. A number of research studies suggest that CBD may boost the overall efficiency of the endocannabinoid system, which is a network in the body that could be responsible for maintaining the balance of a range of physiological and psychological elements, such as mood and appetite, which are directly related to one another. This brings about the idea that a good mood and positive thoughts could stimulate your appetite for food and in the same way, negative emotions could suppress your appetite, reducing your desire to eat.

When we are exploring the idea of whether CBD increases appetite, it is important to take into consideration the other side of this concept, as while some research does suggest that using products such as CBD oil could see an increase in appetite, there are also many that argue that it actually does the opposite. Preliminary research studies reflect that the substance may reduce food intake and boost metabolism by interacting with receptors in the brain which are thought to play important roles within this. For example, one two-week study conducted using rats saw them being given a specific amount of CBD based on their body weight. The results of this study concluded that this resulted in a significant reduction in body weight, with higher doses resulting in a higher level of weight loss.

While there are two sides as to whether CBD stimulates or suppresses appetite, there is also a possibility that using this substance could have no effect at all on the levels of this. There is evidence that suggests that it could have the power to restore balance within the body allowing you to gain back your desire for food, however, the use of CBD cannot affect appetite directly.

Can you use CBD oil for appetite control?

As CBD has not yet been classified as a food, medicine or cosmetic product, we are unable to make any direct statements about the impact that it has on the human body. However, as we are looking at this complex concept objectively, rather than claiming that CBD does affect our appetite, we can allow our customers to make their own informed decision on the matter. We still have a lot to learn about how CBD oil can affect us and there is not enough research out there for us to come to a definite conclusion, which is why we continue to explore the possible benefits.

While there are a number of studies that highlight CBD as an appetite stimulant or suppressant, one element that we have covered that is beneficial to keep in mind is the fact that our overall relationship with food is just as much psychological as it is physiological.

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