CBD Buying 101: An Expert Guide to Selecting the Best Quality Products

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Are you tired of feeling lost in a sea of CBD options? Do you want to make sure you’re getting the best CBD products for your money? We’ve got you covered! Here’s our guide on how to find premium CBD.

Why Purchase High-Quality CBD Products?

When it comes to CBD, not just any product will do. That’s why purchasing high-quality CBD products is essential.

The effectiveness of CBD products is tied directly to their quality. A product lacking in this area is unlikely to be worth your money. High-quality products, on the other hand, are manufactured with precision and undergo rigorous testing.

Investing in high-quality CBD products gives you peace of mind knowing that the product has been tested and found to be safe, effective and compliant with regulations. By purchasing premium CBD, you can maximise the benefits of this natural compound and ensure you’re getting what you pay for.  

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD


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When it comes to purchasing CBD products, bioavailability is a crucial factor to consider. This refers to the amount of CBD that is absorbed into the bloodstream and the rate at which it becomes active. The higher the bioavailability, the greater the amount of CBD delivered to the bloodstream. So when selecting a CBD product, don’t settle for anything less than high bioavailability.

Holistic Herb’s premium CBD boasts Total Bioavailability, making it a superior option for those looking to get the most out of their CBD experience. Our CBD products are micro-emulsified, which allows for faster and more efficient absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. This means that a higher concentration of CBD remains in the bloodstream for a longer period, helping you maximise its full benefits.

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Third-party lab testing

Third-party lab tests are carried out by independent laboratories separate from manufacturers. This ensures that the results are unbiased and accurate, giving you a clear picture of the quality of the product you’re considering.

Third-party lab testing can provide vital information, such as the product’s CBD and THC levels. One of the easiest ways to access third-party lab testing results is by checking the manufacturer’s website or product packaging.


Reading the ingredients list will help you identify any potential allergens or ingredients you may be sensitive to.

CBD products come in many forms, such as CBD oils, capsules, tinctures, CBD vape, gummies and topicals. Each type may come with its unique ingredients. For instance, CBD oil may contain carrier oils like coconut oil or hemp seed oil and natural flavourings or sweeteners. CBD capsules may include additional components, such as starches or sugars. And for CBD topicals, you may find different ingredients, such as essential oils or other herbs, for added benefits.

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Even though going for the cheapest option may seem appealing, remember that the quality of the product may suffer as a result. On the other hand, an overly expensive product doesn’t necessarily guarantee better quality either.

Company reputation

Check out other customers’ reviews to know which companies have a good reputation. These can give you a first-hand look at their experiences and can be a great way to identify any potential red flags. A reputable company will also have their products third-party lab-tested. Finally, check if the company is compliant with industry regulations and standards. 

Find Your Perfect CBD Match with Holistic Herb’s Wide Product Range

At Holistic Herb, we’ve made it our mission to provide only the best products to our customers. Each batch of our CBD products is thoroughly tested by independent labs. We also have strict quality control measures to guarantee product safety and effectiveness. Check out our CBD shop now.