CBD and Yoga: The Duo You Didn’t Know You Need

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cbd & yoga

Most of us experience some level of stress every day. And it’s not surprising why. The pace of our lives is fast, with us pursuing our careers, maintaining relationships, managing our money and finding time to enjoy our hobbies.
Not only can continual stress hinder our productivity, but it also reduces our enjoyment. It is for this reason that so many people turn to yoga to calm down, connect with themselves and let go.
In addition to yoga, there are other methods we can use to deal with feelings of stress, such as CBD. In this article, we go over yoga, the benefits of combining yoga and CBD and how you can incorporate CBD into your yoga routine.

Benefits of Yoga

Stronger muscles, improved balance and increased flexibility

Breathing deeply and moving slowly stimulates blood flow and helps to warm up the muscles. Meanwhile, maintaining a yoga pose strengthens the body.

Helps with back pain

Stretching is also effective at relieving pain and increasing mobility for lower back pain sufferers.

Helps you relax and sleep better

You can prepare your body for sleep with a consistent yoga routine before bed.

Improved energy and mood

Once you become more familiar with doing yoga, you may feel more energetic, more alert and more relaxed.

Managed stress

The effects of stress can manifest in a number of ways, such as back pain, insomnia, migraines and a lack of concentration. Yoga can be very beneficial for coping with stress and improving one’s outlook.

Why Combine CBD and Yoga?

The combo of CBD and yoga is not new, but it’s one that’s gaining popularity once more. Yoga fuelled by CBD is gaining traction on social media.
In spite of yoga’s ancient roots, many of its fundamentals have remained the same over time. Yoga continues to promote inner awareness, as it did in the past. As science has advanced, yoga has been found to have many tangible benefits. Yoga shares many benefits with CBD, making them an excellent combination.

Provides you with a focused start

Doing yoga can become frustrating when your mind wanders and overthinks, ruining the whole experience. CBD is an obvious choice for restorative yoga practice, but it can also be beneficial during a more energetic flow class, especially for those with wandering minds. After hitting the mat, you can’t automatically stop overthinking. CBD is helpful in this regard. A few drops of CBD oil before yoga is a good way to prepare yourself for meditation.

Promotes a feeling of calm

Taking CBD can also help prolong your blissful state post-yoga. Yoga and CBD are both excellent options for reducing stress and connecting the mind and body. In combination, the pair elevates our efforts by helping cultivate lasting focus and centeredness to a remarkable degree.

Makes stretching easier

CBD can promote calm to soothe your body and prepare you for deeper stretches, making you more flexible in the long run.

How to Incorporate CBD Into Yoga Routine

Don your yoga pants and combine CBD with yoga by following some of the methods below.
CBD oil: Sublingually take CBD oil approximately 30 minutes before yoga.
CBD gummies: A popular way to take CBD, CBD gummies are available in different flavours and tastes. CBD gummies can be taken prior to, during or after yoga.
CBD topicals: The practice of yoga requires several exercises that beginners must learn. Initially, sitting and standing styles may cause soreness. In this case, CBD topicals can be directly applied to the skin after yoga.
CBD capsules: These are a great way to consume CBD. Easy to carry and take, they pair well with yoga and meditation. It is best to take CBD capsules an hour before yoga or afterwards.
CBD-infused drinks: CBD can be added to smoothies, cocktails, fruit juice and alcohol. Take a CBD-infused drink before or after your yoga class.