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Training or any sought of physical activity tends to impart a lot of stress and pressure on our bodies. As much as it stimulates increased performance and adaptation, prolonged wear & tear and physical trauma are never exceptions.

After workouts, the involved parties have always tried to find remedies while recovering from muscle strains and other minor injuries.

Some of the over-the-counter remedies that several people have used before include naproxen sodium and ibuprofen. However, they come along with a fair share of side effects.

According to research, several Americans suffer from opioid addiction while others have died from overdoses annually. In such a scenario, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and the sports community are rightly eager and curious about how cannabidiol (CBD) might help without having to experience risks that come with opioids or NSAIDs.

Is CBD right for you? There is so much for us to consider and unpack. But first things first. Is CBD used for sports legal? You should get comfortable, & read on!

Is CBD For Sports And Fitness Legal?

Yes, CBD for sports and fitness is legal. In 2018, the World’s Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted barriers to CBD use amongst sportspeople while in competition or out. Hence, deleting CBD from the prohibited substance list.

Later on, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) followed suit. To clarify the regulations that govern CBD use in sports, the USADA provided a page for ” Marijuana FAQ.” 

.It might help to note that CBD is the only substance deleted from the prohibition list.

According to USA Today, Ben Nichols, the spokesperson to WADA,  recently reported that several of the CBD cases they handle involve event-day consumption.

He went ahead to reiterate that the new thresholds set are an attempt to make sure in-competition use gets detected and not the CBD ingested days or weeks before the competition.

However, CBD legality outside fitness use and sports is a whole different matter. The rules keep constantly evolving from local agencies, the federal to states.

CBD For Fitness, Athletics & Work-out

Research has it that CBD might help uncover hidden potentials in the workout and fitness field.

A current trend is the use of CBD after hitting the gym, after running around the track, or even after a heated soccer match for its potential benefits.

Some of the potential aspects that are believed that CBD may help in including:

1.    Potentially Aiding Muscle Recovery

Rigorous competitions and workouts may cause tears and minor pain in muscle tissues, potentially triggering inflammation. Afterwhich, the body system will have to readjust for the healing process to start.

Natural healing is normal and healthy. However, one might reach a point where workout pressure pushes too far.

The muscle damage and cell inflammation, in this case, may get extreme, to an end, it may cause injuries, hence a threat to fitness gains.

CBD may help manage inflammation that results in straining of muscles during workouts.

2.    May Help Improve Performance

Despite being a contentious topic, scholars believe that CBD may help in improving performance.

Some people may take CBD hemp oil, hoping it will help performance & athletic performance abilities. Given that CBD is relatively new, research is still limited in this field. Hence, there might not be enough laboratory evidence supporting the same.

CBD may certainly help alleviate inflammation and pain, which might aid in potential speedy recovery from workout-related injuries. In return, improved recovery may help one be productive and work out for longer. Hence, a possible support system to fitness gains.

Does CBD’s Potential Fitness Gains Outweigh Risks?

CBD use and whether its gains will outweigh the potential risks are personal choices.

As well, CBD reacts differently in each person. Several factors determine how your body may respond to CBD hemp oils. Hence, one ought to see their doctor for specialized advice on whether to join The CBD for the fitness and workout bandwagon or not.

Wrap Up

The emergence of CBD could be a significant turn of events on how athletics, fitness, and workout is perceived.

However, the giant’s glare in the house is that CBD hemp oil use tends to be ahead of research and science.

There seems to be a lot to learn concerning how CBD works and how best to utilize it. Generally, CBD is safe. Whether it may serve what you ingested it for is still debatable, more of an open discussion. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to reach us for a CBD for fitness debate.