CBD and Alcohol: Is It Safe to Consume Them

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It is no secret that CBD is gaining popularity. Whether used as skincare products, CBD massage oil, edibles, CBD infused drinks, CBD moisturiser and even CBD candles, CBD is believed to offer numerous benefits.

Despite that, CBD is still a substance. Because of this, people are wondering if CBD and alcohol are compatible. CBD combined with alcohol hasn’t been studied much on humans yet. Because there’s not much information out there, consumers can’t make an informed decision about mixing CBD and alcohol.

This article aims to shed light on this and discuss the potential effects of taking CBD and alcohol.

How CBD and Alcohol Can Affect the Body

Drinking alcohol even in small amounts can have a big impact on your body. Having too much alcohol in your system can lead to intoxication since it builds up in your blood and circulates throughout your body. The body’s nerve endings are then affected, causing a sluggish brain. This can cause inhibitions, numbness, or excitement.

Some of the other temporary effects of alcohol include the following:

  • The inability to think clearly
  • Coordination difficulties when moving
  • Drowsiness or relaxation
  • Mood changes
  • An impulsive attitude
  • Having difficulty speaking or slurring
  • Feeling sick and nauseous
  • Headaches or stomach problems
  • Auditory, visual and perceptual changes
  • Inability to focus or make decisions
  • Inability to remember or losing consciousness

Meanwhile, the effects of CBD are not intoxicating like those of alcohol. When consumed, CBD can have a variety of effects, such as:

  • A calming effect
  • A better night’s sleep
  • Reduction of chronic pain symptoms
  • Symptoms of anxiety are reduced

Is CBD Safe to Take While Drinking Alcohol?

Mixing CBD with alcohol hasn’t been studied enough to determine its exact effects. Some studies have shown CBD reduces alcohol side effects in animals and humans. However, there’s not much research on how CBD interacts with alcohol. Furthermore, CBD side effects vary from person to person, so mixing CBD and alcohol isn’t guaranteed to have the same effect.

Currently, few studies have been conducted regarding the impact of moderate or occasional consumption. Thus, there is no definitive conclusion regarding CBD and alcohol.

Whenever you combine CBD and alcohol, make sure to keep the dosage of both low to avoid any adverse effects. Moderation is key when it comes to CBD and alcohol. And if you have any concerns, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider beforehand.

Effects of Mixing CBD with Alcohol

When you drink alcohol, you feel relaxed and your inhibitions are reduced. A similar effect can be achieved by CBD. As a result of research, it is known that it is effective at calming nerves and reducing anxiety. One study found that CBD reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality in participants with anxiety or poor sleep within the first month of taking it. Drinking alcohol and taking CBD together can amp up these effects, resulting in enhanced sleepiness. Also, it’s been suggested that CBD can change your mood and behavior if you mix it with alcohol.

To minimise the potential effects, make sure to purchase CBD from reputable sources only and stay away from excessive alcohol consumption. As long as you adhere to the limits of a drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men, as well as take CBD at the recommended dose by the manufacturer, you’re likely to avoid adverse reactions.