Discover The Best Time for Taking CBD Products

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With more people utilising CBD in their daily lives, users often wonder if the time of day they use CBD impacts its effects. Should you take it in the morning or at night? Can you take it midday? Is there a secret formula for determining the best time to take CBD products?

Here, we’ll explain when CBD is best used and how to incorporate it into your routine.

Key Takeaway

Here’s the quick answer: The best time to take CBD is based on what works for you and what you want to achieve by taking CBD. Take your body’s cues into consideration and try different timings. As you experiment with taking CBD during various times of the day, you’ll discover when CBD is most effective for you, whether it’s morning, midday or evening.

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When’s the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

The best time for taking CBD depends on the chemistry of your body and why you’re taking it. Each person will have a different optimal time of day for using CBD oil. In a nutshell, CBD should be taken whenever you feel it will fit into your schedule best.

Below is a rundown of what CBD can do for you by taking it in the morning, midday or night-time.

Taking CBD in the morning

CBD may be helpful when you’re having a difficult time waking up in the morning. Unlike coffee, CBD does not energise you quickly, but it promotes a feeling of calm. When CBD is taken first thing in the morning, this can help you feel focused and cope with day-to-day stress. Having a clear mind will help you stay productive at work or errands and face the day calmly.

You can also take CBD topicals, such as a CBD balm or a CBD cream for skin, in the morning when you feel stiff after sleeping for a few hours to help soothe your muscles.

And if you exercise in the morning, consider packing some CBD products in your gym bag. If you’re fond of jogging or doing yoga before work, you may find that a quick massage can help loosen you up before your workout or yoga session. You can do so by applying CBD cream to tight muscles. You can also use some CBD oil post-workout to help you feel recharged after a strenuous exercise.

Meanwhile, taking CBD along with your daily multivitamin is a great way to develop a habit of taking CBD capsules or CBD oral spray.

Taking CBD at night

You may want to try taking some premium CBD oil or CBD spray at least two hours before you go to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Alternatively, when you get home from work, you can take CBD to calm your wired mind or motivate yourself to complete some chores. You can take CBD oral drops as soon as 6pm strikes, for example.

You may also prefer taking CBD at night if you want to massage away your end-of-day pains. To alleviate the stress of a busy day, give yourself an evening massage. Rub some CBD cream or CBD balm between your palms, and apply it to your tense areas. This might be your back, shoulders or overly typed hands.

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Taking CBD in the middle of the day

You can take CBD in the middle of the day if you often forget to take it in the morning or at night. The key is to take a moment for self-care on a busy day. Take a pause in the middle of the day, and place a drop of CBD oil underneath your tongue between Zoom calls or in-person meetings to give yourself a pick-me-up.Whether you prefer adding CBD to your morning, night-time or midday routine, it’s essential to take premium-quality CBD only. For top-of-the-line CBD capsules, essentials, oral drops, oral sprays and skincare, browse Holistic Herb’s CBD range now.